1710 Online Meditators 640x375Online groups are helpful for several reasons. Some meditators do not have a physical group within reach, or find travelling to one difficult. Some lead very mobile lives but can continue to meditate in the same group from wherever they may be. Some will welcome the opportunity to meditate with others more frequently than their own physical group can meet together.

You may well have seen past articles in the community newsletters describing how some people meditate together online. The meetings follow our usual format - welcome and introductions, reading, prayer, 30 minutes meditation, reading, closing prayer, and time for sharing; but with minor variations as individual leaders decide.

There is a list of groups maintained by the WCCM at http://www.onlinemeditationwccm.org/  Groups are available in the morning, the middle of the day and the evening on most days.  You can use the filters at the top of the page to select the language used in the group and the day of the week.  There are a few groups listed that are aimed specifically at Oblates and meditators on the 12 Step Programme.